Hey, I’m Lauren, the founder of Hired and Happy.

I have always firmly believed that no one should have to put up with the Sunday evening gloom / Monday morning doom feeling. There could be many reasons why it’s occurring and just going and getting a new job:-

a) isn’t that easy, and:

b) won’t necessarily solve it.

But recognising that you don’t have to put up with feeling that way is the first step to sorting it out.

I started working at 16 and have done everything from emptying sluice bins, skewering (dead) chickens and working in a Crayola production line to managing teams, projects, campaigns and websites for companies like Lloyds Banking Group, BT and Argos. No matter what I was doing, I always seemed to be helping one person or another find their next job.

I’ve always wanted to set up my own business and people were always telling me there should be more support out there to help people get jobs and thrive in them, so I combined two of my passions – entrepreneurship and helping others – to create Hired and Happy. I volunteered for an agency helping the unemployed back into work, completed an (ICF accredited) diploma in transformational coaching, carried out some work experience in a recruitment agency and two years later officially quit the corporate world.

Hired and Happy works with people looking for a new job to:

  • work out what you want to do
  • go about getting it
  • succeed in that new role
Think of it as someone by your side, or having someone on your team. Two heads are generally better than one and this head is trained and experienced in both the psychological and practical elements of helping you sort out your working life!