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Recruitment agencies get a bad rap a lot of the time. Linked In is full of passive aggressive shots between recruiter and candidate, both defending their respective corners.

I’ve been in the job-seeker shoes many times and understand how soul destroying it is, as have many others I’ve worked with. However, I’ve also experienced the recruiter side of the fence; there’s a lot of getting stuck in the middle, repeated dead-ends, goal-post shifting and frustrations with both candidates and companies not putting in sufficient levels of effort or respect.

Each agency claims to be different from the last. Unique because they make sure their candidates are the best. Unique because they really listen to what the hiring company wants and ensure the perfect match. None of which is really unique.

Hired and Happy presents an innovative way for recruiters to truly stand out from the crowd.

It provides you with a means to boost your reputation and that of the industry, contribute to your corporate social responsibility and demonstrate that you really do care. In turn, Hired and Happy helps provide you with higher quality applicants with greater chances of success.

You may not be able to respond to every applicant, you may not be able to help everyone who gets in touch, but you can provide them with an alternative option – someone else who can support them in the areas needed for them to succeed.

If you’re up for collaborating with us as a means to stand out to job seekers and hiring companies, by doing your bit to reduce the negative experiences and access higher performing candidates in the process, get in touch.

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More people than ever are unhappy at work. Studies suggest that employee happiness levels may be a more effective measure than employee engagement levels to improve your workforce and culture.

On top of this, more recent research suggests the biggest influence on whether people enjoy, and stay in, their job are their line managers. The problem is, line managers rarely get any kind of suitable coaching when they are promoted to manage others – a role more critical than any other as the impact is on many rather than one.

Hired and Happy seeks to work with organisations in two ways:


1) To refer on high quality candidates – candidates who have chosen to invest in themselves as part of finding a new job:

Job seekers come to Hired and Happy because they actively want to find a job that is right for them, that matches their skills, values and ambitions. They have pro-actively taken the decision to invest in themselves via the hired and Happy services (which can be viewed here) meaning they have sought clarity in what they really want to do for a job and why. We believe this is likely to result in higher performance and retention rates as a result.

2) To deepen both employee and line manager development, incorporating transformational coaching which is grounded in psychological theory:

Quite often a line manager hasn’t the had the opportunity or support to fully explore who they are, what sort of line manager they want to be, and to make the mindset shift from being the best they can be at their job to focusing on developing others to be the best their direct reports can be at their job. Traditional workshops and courses, including coaching ones, tend to focus on the more formal and practical aspects of line management, applied at a group level.

For managers to be successful, and therefore enable the people they manage to thrive, the personal development they receive needs to be just that – personalised.

Hired and Happy enables companies to take recruitment, on boarding and personal development to a deeper level, initiating a positive, knock-on effect throughout the whole organisation.

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