Job seekers: how it works


Take a minute to put yourself in these 3 scenarios

and decide whether you would choose A or B:

(stick with it, you’ll see why!)


1. You want to get fit and lose some weight. You feel like you’ve been trying for a while but you’re struggling and not seeing results. It’s making you frustrated and miserable. Would you:

a) Sign up for a group exercise class to give you more reason and motivation to keep at it

b) Work with a personal trainer or nutritionist so that you get personalised support to hit your goals


2. You’ve decided you’ve had enough of being single and never meeting anyone new. Everyone else is coupled off and going gooey over weddings and babies. Would you:

a) Join an online dating site to get access to more singletons looking for a relationship

b) Work with a matchmaker who gets to know and understand you in more depth so they can match you with a partner who’s compatible with you


3. You’re wanting to get better at a certain hobby, skill or sport. Perhaps you want to enter a competition or start a business in it. Would you:

a) Find a course that aims to teach you the knowledge and techniques you need

b) Work with a coach or mentor who is experienced in it and able to identify your gaps and help you with your areas for improvement

Wondering where I’m going with all of this?

Well, the process of looking for a new job isn’t that different –


– You’ve identified that you you’re not happy where you are.

– You’ve done some work on trying to change that but haven’t got to where you want to be.

– You’ve recognised that enlisting the help of someone or something else will improve your chances of success.


That’s where Hired and Happy comes in –


A bit like a personal trainer, dating coach, or private tutor – you pay to receive someone’s time and expertise, incorporating the investments they have made in themselves, their training, qualifications, experience and results. Partnering up with someone in this way gives you the best chance of getting the results you are after.


The 10 services available to you are:

1. A personal assessment and strategy – the opportunity to establish what you have and haven’t enjoyed in jobs to date, your skills and strengths and potentially any new areas you might want to explore.

2. Job searching – I’ll scour what’s out there every week and share with you the ones that could be a winner, no automated hit & miss matching here.

3. Approaching hiring companies – not all jobs are on job boards, or already being advertised, which is why I build relationships with companies who could have opportunities for you.

4. Liaising with recruitment agencies – establishing whether jobs are still current, what the salary is, and whether it’s right for you, saving you the hassle.

5. CV tailoring – I work with you to make sure your CV is’t just a generic carbon copy of everyone else’s and will help you tailor it for each job you decide to apply for.

6. Application assistance – I work with you to get your submission up to scratch – be that an initial enquiry, covering letter or application form

7. Interview Prep – including the types of questions you might get asked, suitable answers, practise, help with tasks you may have been assigned or research you should do.

8. Chasing feedback – the Hired and Happy aim is to build up relationships with hiring companies and recruitment agencies. I ask them to provide feedback as part of this relationship.

9. Troubleshooting – got a question, struggling with something, or just want a sounding board about a thought which has come up? You can still text or email me, outside of the 9-5.

10. Coaching – if through working together we identify thoughts or behaviours which are holding you back, we can have coaching sessions to help you overcome them, even if that’s when you’re in your new role.


We’ll work together to make sure these services are packaged up in a way that is tailored to your individual situation, including affordability. Many of our customers decide to pay monthly until they get a new job, however alternative options are available and the service can be stopped and/or restarted at any time.

If you’d like to find out what this would look like for you, get in touch.

So, what about the quiz?


The good news is that selecting either A or B suggest you are the type of person who wants to take action to improve your situation. A’s are more drawn to group options, B’s to one-on-one options.


Why wouldn’t I just use a recruitment agency?


This is effectively option C: continuing to do it yourself (i.e. ‘I’m not losing any weight / I still haven’t found my partner / I’ve still not found a job that makes me happy…but I’m just going to keep trying’). And if that’s the head space you’re in that’s absolutely fine. What we’re offering is an alternative to provide you with the additional support, expertise and experience to improve your chances of success.

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